Volunteer Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for our Rams on the Run 5K on Saturday, May 20th, 2017.  Please fill out the form below and select the volunteer position that you would like to do.  We will provide service hours documentation for all high school and college students.  If you have any questions, please contact the team members at rams5k@rockdale84.org.  Thank you very much!  

Rams on the Run 5K Volunteer Form

Bag Check
Check that bags from runners have a bag check tag attached with a zip tie. Bag check tags are attached to the runner’s bib # and can be torn off to be attached to bags with a zip tie. Place bags directly into the appropriate bin.

Extra empty bags and zip ties will be available on site.

Line bags up by runner’s bib #. Organize bags and return bags to runners who checked them at the starting line by verifying their bib #.

Finish Line Volunteer
Set up Finisher Medals near the finish line. Hand out a medal and water bottle to each participant after they cross the finish line.

Finish Line Food
Food – Food and water at Finish Festival is for runners and volunteers only. Runners must have bib #s or volunteer shirt visible to receive food. Provide food to runners and keep the food tent organized. Please keep the food station free of debris and clutter. Food volunteers can begin to clean up after the awards ceremony.

Trash & Recycle – Monitor trash and recycling cans. Empty and tie-up bags when needed and place next to trash cans. Replace trash/recycle bag in can.
Set Up
Set up tables, signs, and supplies prior to the race.  Check the race route to make sure it is clear of debris.

Clean Up
Clean up tables, signs and supplies after the awards ceremony.  Check the race route to make sure it is clear of debris.

Course Marshalls
Safety – Our first priority is to provide a safe course for our runners. Course Marshalls are positioned throughout the course at intersections and are responsible for directing runners at turns. Marshall can leave when the police department comes by to tell you that the last runner has come through.

Keeping Runners on Course – As soon as you see a runner, begin to signal with your hands and your voice which direction or turn they are supposed to make. Often runners get in a zone and need plenty of advance warning to know which way to head.

Traffic Cop – Course Marshalls are positioned at intersections that are blocked for traffic. Please keep cars off the course and maintain a safe environment for runners.

Cheerleader – Cheer the runners on. Get up, get excited, and keep them moving. Be creative, bring a radio to play music, wear a funny hat – you’ll be part of the inspiration that keeps the runners moving. Use words of encouragement like “Good job!” Keep going!” “Dig deep, you can do it!”